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    Staff Application Format

    Staff Application Format: IGN Discord username and tag Timezone Age Where do you live Do you have a microphone Did you read the requirements What skills do you have that will help the community Past experiences Why should we pick you over others Extra information
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    Staff Application Requirements

    This is a list of general guidelines, requirements, and tips to becoming staff on MelahMC. Step 1: The Seasonal Application Stage This is the process you will go through to becoming a Trial moderator and then a full moderator on MelahMC. Each season will last approximately 1 month unless...
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    [Official] Builder Application Writing Guide

    MelahMC Builder Application Guidelines and Requirements This guide was designed to help you ensure that you increase your chances of becoming a builder on MelahMC. After reviewing builder applications, a list has been composed detailing examples on how to make your application stand out. Step...